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18 Oct 2013

#Information du Jour sur le #cambodge on #cambodia




Jen Psaki, US Department of State spokeswoman :

“The United States continues to urge both parties to seek resolution of electoral disputes through a peaceful dialogue that serves the best interests of the Cambodian people and promotes reforms,” she said, adding that a “credible and transparent review” of the election was needed.

Some of the world’s largest clothing brands have warned the Garment Manufacturers Association in Cambodia of possible business ramifications should the factory representative continue with plans to impede labour monitoring.

Thirteen major buyers, including Gap, H&M, Levi’s, Nike and Puma, have signed a letter to GMAC expressing “concern” over its recent directive advising factory owners to “exercise discretion” before admitting monitors unaccompanied by government officials.


នៅពេល​សួរ​ថា ហេតុ​អ្វី​បាន​ជា​ក្រសួង​របស់​លោក​មិន​ផ្សព្វ​ផ្សាយ​ជា​សា​ធារណៈ​ សម្រាប់​ការដេញ​ថ្លៃ​យក​ដី​រដ្ឋ​នេះ​ លោក ខៀវ កាញារីទ្ធ​ បាន​មាន​ប្រសាសន៍​ថា “នេះ​ជា​ករណី​លើក​លែង​ ពី​ព្រោះ​គ្មាន​នរណា​ម្នាក់​ចង់​បាន​ដី​នេះទេ​”

បុរី ប៉េង ហួត គឺ​ជា​កម្ម​សិទ្ធិ​របស់​​លោក​ ហៀក ប៊ុនប៉េង និង​លោក​ ថាយ ជា ហួត ដែល​ត្រូវ​ជាបង​ប្អូន​បង្កើត​នឹង​គ្នា​។ នៅ​​លើ​គេហទំព័រ​របស់​ក្រុម​ហ៊ុន​នេះ​ ក្រុម​ហ៊ុន​នេះ​បាន​អួត​ថា បាន​សាង​សង់​បុរីចំនួន​១០នៅក្នុង​រាជ​ធានី​ភ្នំពេញ​ តាំង​ពី​ឆ្នាំ​២០០៥​មក​

AFP : 

Les deux derniers hauts dirigeants Khmers rouges vivants ont «tué pour le pouvoir», quitte à «déshumaniser» et transformer le Cambodge en «pays d’esclaves» sous un régime qui a fait deux millions de morts, a accusé vendredi le parquet.

«Nuon Chea et Khieu Samphan ont tué pour le pouvoir (…). Ils ont brutalisé et déshumanisé leur propre peuple et ont fait couler du sang pour le pouvoir», a déclaré le procureur William Smith lors de son réquisitoire.

Le verdict devrait ensuite être rendu au premier semestre 2014.


18 Oct 2013

Additional Analysis on #cambodia political deadlock

YALE GLOBAL ONLINE : an article by Elizabeth Becker

With a per capita income less than $1000, many Cambodians refuse to support the government of Hun Sen, who has been in office for 28 years.

 To some, this looks like another election crisis with Hun Sen remaining in power. But this may not be the end of story as an awakened citizenry refuses to play along. Integrated with the world, many Cambodians have become  “too aware, too sophisticated, to accept the rule of a corrupt elite that relies on force and openly steals the fortunes of the country while trampling on individual rights.


Culture, always Cambodia’s strong suit, has been an impetus behind changed attitudes. Foreigners fall in love with Cambodia for its dancing, music, architecture and artisanship, and that relationship becomes a strong link to the rest of the world. After decades of war and genocidal revolution, the arts have taken on a greater role, helping Cambodians face a hideous past of the Khmer Rouge and recover pride in their own traditions. Along the way, this new cultural confidence has allowed them to cast a critical eye on the authoritarian Hun Sen regime.

Cambodia’s growth rate remains high at 10 percent over the last five years. The beneficiaries of that growth have largely been Cambodia’s business elites with strong, often family ties to top government officials who write contracts and create economic opportunities and economic zones. Most have been in power with Hun Sen for a quarter of a century. Many officials as well as the business elite have become millionaires while the country’s per capita income is still $909. That inequity is no longer a secret with access to reports and documents, underscored during the election campaign.

The ballet of dueling press conferences has begun. But the playbook has changed. Cambodians are far less likely to accept Hun Sen’s promises and say so in social media. Foreign partners are watching, worried about their investments. Cambodian human rights groups have appealed to foreign governments and the United Nations to demand the Hun Sen government resist using “violence, threats and intimidation.” If Hun Sen attempts to keep parliament in session without reaching a compromise with opposition members, it may not only hurt his political fortunes but Cambodia’s economic and social stability.  


Asian Human Rights Commission : An article by Dr. Gaffar Peang-Meth

The more Hun Sen attempts to ignore grievances of the increasingly vocal cohort of Cambodian voters who allege election irregularities and fraud, the more the emboldened and determined opposition party demands an independent impartial joint CNRP-CPP investigation committee to seek more accurate accounting of ballots cast in the July 28th national election…

The Cambodians’ political deadlock is a tragedy. There cannot be a winner. Hun Sen and his CPP know, and concerned foreign governments, too, know, 


17 Oct 2013


RFA : 

អ្នក​ស្រាវជ្រាវ៖ ជំនួយ​របស់​ចិន​បំផ្លាញ​លទ្ធិប្រជាធិបតេយ្យ​នៅ​កម្ពុជា




17 Oct 2013

Infos du Jour #cambodge #cambodia

Cambodian Voter Voice : 

សម រង្ស៉ី ប្រាប់មន្រ្តី​ការបរទេស​អាមេរិក​មិន​អោយទ​ទួលស្គាល់​រដ្ឋាភិបាល​កម្ពុជា​បច្ចុប្បន្ន​



LAOS : Une erreur de pilotage serait à l’origine du crash d’avion au Laos

Selon ces informations, le commandant de bord, un Cambodgien à l’impeccable réputation de pilote, a traversé des nuages dont la violence l’a déporté de l’axe de la piste.

Birmanie : Nouvelle série d’explosions en Birmanie




លោក​បាន​មានប្រសាសន៍​បន្ត​ទៀតថា “ គិត​រហូត​មក​ទល់​ពេល​នេះ​ ​សា​ធារ​ណរដ្ឋ​ប្រជា​មានិត​ចិន​ បាន​ផ្តល់​ហិរញ្ញ​ប្បទាន​កិច្ច​សហ​ប្រតិបត្តិការ​ ចំនួន​២.៨៥​៦­សម្រាប់​គម្រោង​អភិវឌ្ឍន៏ និង​ហេដ្ឋ​ារច​នា​សម្ព័ន្ធ​ក្នុងប្រទេស​កម្ពុជា​ ដូចជា​ផ្លូវ​ថ្នល់​ ស្ពាន ​ប្រព័ន្ធស្រោច​ស្រព ​កំពង់​ផែ​ ​និង​វិ​ស័យ​ថាមពល​អគ្គិសនី​”។


Lao plane crash pilot Cambodian


17 Oct 2013

Conférence Audio + Vidéo sur

ORDINATEUR (Conférence Audio + Video)

  • Installez l’application Jitsi (gratuite) sur votre ordinateur, 32 Bits en cliquant ici ou 64 Bits en cliquant ici.
    • Pour savoir si votre système est de 32 ou de 64 bits, cliquez sur “Paneau de configuration” puis “Système”.
    • Après avoir installé Jitsi, vous devez le lancer, puis ajouter un nouveau compte : “Fichier”/”Ajouter un nouveau compte”
    • Dans “Réseau sélectionner un protocole”, sélectionnez SIP, puis entrez
    • Votre Identifiant SIP par example pour votre numéro 1234 et
    • Votre Mot de passe
    • Vous devez voir apparaitre sur l’Ecran Jitsi un Bouton vert Connecté
    • Réglages Son : cliquez sur “Outils/Options/Son”.
      • Vérifiez que votre Micro et vos Haut Parleurs marchent correctement.
    • Réglages Video : cliquez sur “Outils/Options/Video/Encodages”.
      • Sélectionez le codec H264 en le plaçant en haut de la liste. 

SMARTPHONE sous ANDROID (Conférence Audio)

  • Installez l’application csipsimple (gratuite) à partir de Google Play/PlayStore ou Anroid Market
  • Lancez csipsimple, puis cliquez sur “Ajouter un compte”
  • Choississez l’assistant Basic (se trouvant plus bas) :
    • Nom du compte : p.e. 1234
    • Utilisateur : p.e. 1234
    • Serveur :
    • Mot de passe : le votre fourni par


  • Installer Acrobits (payante) sur votre Iphone.

Remarque 1 : Dans le cas de la conférence Audio + Vidéo, les participants ne verront que l’image du conférencier.

Remarque 2 : Les personnes qui n’ont pas d’Internet peuvent  joindre la conférence par téléphone en appelant un numéro d’accès dédié, ou se faire appeler par l’Organisateur de la Conférence.

17 Oct 2013

Infos du Jour #cambodge #cambodia


ETATS UNIS :  accord au Sénat pour relever à temps le plafond de la dette

ETATS UNIS : (LE MONDE ) Les républicains concèdent la défaite



VOA : 

Political Parties Remain at Odds Over Election, Government

Cambodia’s Internet Only ‘Partly Free,’ US Watchdog Says


RFA : តុលាការ​ក្រុង​ឡាអេ​នឹង​ចេញ​សេចក្ដី​សម្រេច​រឿង​ព្រះវិហារ​នៅ​ថ្ងៃ​១១ វិច្ឆិកា


RFI : 


សារមន្ទីរ ​Guimet ​ក្រុងប៉ារីស​រៀបចំ​តាំងពិព័រណ៍​ចម្លាក់​យក​ពី​​ប្រាសាទ​ខ្មែរ


Musée GUIMET : Sur les pas de Louis Delaporte à Angkor


AFP :  Cambodge: phase finale pour le procès des Khmers rouges

Le verdict devrait ensuite être rendu au premier semestre 2014




លោក ហ៊ុន សែន ​ជំរុញ​ឲ្យ​ក្រុម​ហ៊ុន​ចិន​ពន្លឿន​សកម្មភាព​សាង​សង់​រោង​ចក្រ​ចម្រាញ់ប្រេង​

គណបក្ស​ប្រជាជន​កម្ពុជា ​បានត្រៀម​​ខ្លួនដើម្បីពិភាក្សា​ពីកំណែ​ទម្រង់​ប្រព័ន្ធ​បោះឆ្នោត​

បុរស​មានអាវុធ​នៅ​ក្នុង​ពិធីជួបជុំ​គ្រូ​បង្រៀ​ន​ត្រូវបាន​បញ្ជាក់​ថា ជា​អង្គរក្ស​របស់​លោ​ក​ ហ៊ុន សែន​

ការ​គោរពព្រះ​​វិញ្ញាណក្ខន្ធ​​សម្ដេច​​ឪ ប្រារព្ធ​ឡើង​ដោយ​​មាន​កា​រយាម​កាម​យ៉ាង​តឹង​រ៉ឹង​បំផុត



CPP keeps Funcinpec close, despite no seats

End of the beginning

CPP hints at NEC reforms

Oil refinery to receive a $1.67b loan

CNRP thumbprints confiscated in Poipet

Youths to march for justice over shooting

Monks feeling policed

16 Oct 2013

Birmanie, Cambodge et Laos : de bons risques économiques


LE CERCLE. Au total, les trois pays sous revue offrent un certain nombre de caractéristiques communes. Tirée par la croissance démographique et les gains de productivité, la croissance potentielle à moyen terme se situe dans une fourchette de 7 % à 8 % en volume annuel, soit des taux “à la chinoise” à l’horizon 2018. Ces pays sont “jeunes” à savoir que près de 70 % de la population a moins de trente ans.

Il existe une vraie cohérence économique à examiner de front les trois pays précités. 

  1. Birmanie, Cambodge et Laos : de bons risques économiques (1)
  2. Birmanie, Cambodge et Laos : de bons risques économiques (2)

15 Oct 2013

Cambodia Wants Sinopec to Build Oil Refinery by 2018


Cambodia Wants Sinopec to Build Oil Refinery by 2018

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen on Monday urged China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation, or Sinopec Corp, the Asia’s largest oil refining and petrochemical enterprise, to expedite its process to build an oil refinery in Cambodia by 2018, Xinhua reported on October 15, citing a spokesman.

The premier made the suggestion during a meeting with Cai Xiyou, senior vice president of Sinopec Corp, at the Peace Palace in Phnom Penh.

In April, a Cambodian Petrochemical Company and several Chinese firms signed a Memorandum of Understanding to jointly build a 5- million-ton oil refinery in Cambodia with the investment amount of $1.67 billion.

“Prime Minister Hun Sen supported the project and urged the company to construct the oil refinery as soon as possible in order to enable Cambodia to produce oil by the latest 2018,”Eang Sophallet, personal spokesman for Hun Sen, told reporters after the meeting.”The premier also advised the firm to reduce impact on environment as much as possible.”


15 Oct 2013

Infos du Jour sur le #cambodge on #cambodia @cambodge_info

Pour lire un article, il suffit de cliquer sur le lien du titre.


US in no rush to offer congratulations to PM

CNRP fury at being blocked

“We see that group of communists and … former Khmer Rouge has always thought of the Royal Statue of former King Norodom Sihanouk as belonging to them, even though the statue belongs to all Cambodian people,” Sokha said, referring to the CPP.

Acleda sees record decline

For the first time in its history, Acleda, Cambodia’s largest commercial bank, has recorded a quarterly decline in customer deposits as well as a decrease in loans.

Undercover cops routinely infiltrate rallies


លោក ហ៊ុន សែន អាច​ជា​ប្រធាន​បក្ស​ប្រជា​ជន​នៅ​ពេលអនាគត: Article à lire absolument

លោក​ កឹម សុខា ​ច្រាន​ចោល​ការ​អះអាង​ដែល​​ថា គណបក្ស​​សង្គ្រោះ​ជាតិ​​កំពុងបែក​បាក់​ផ្ទៃ​ក្នុង​



Post-ruling Preah Vihear talks planned

Thailand is preparing to set up official talks with Cambodia once the International Court of Justice (ICJ) rules on the Preah Vihear Temple case in early 2014.

LE MONDE :  Inquiétudes à Fukushima avant le passage d’un typhon

REUTERS : Typhoon Nari hits Vietnam, 122,000 people evacuated

RFA : 

អ្នក​ឃ្លាំ​មើល៖ អ្នក​នយោបាយ​ព្រងើយ​កន្តើយ​ចំពោះ​ព្រះរាជ​បណ្ដាំ​របស់​សម្ដេចឪ

ពិធី​បុណ្យ​អបអរ​អង្ករ​ផ្កា​រំដួល​ជាប់​ចំណាត់​ថ្នាក់​លេខ​១: Jolies Photos

RFI : 

ពិធីគោរពព្រះវិញ្ញាណក្ខន្ធសម្តេចព្រះ នរោត្តម សីហនុ ពុំមាន​វត្តមាន​ថ្នាក់ដឹកនាំ​គណបក្ស​ប្រឆាំង​

ចំណែក​ថ្នាក់ដឹកនាំ​គណបក្ស​សង្គ្រោះ​ជាតិ ត្រូវបាន​លោក កឹម សុខា ប្រធានស្តីទី អះអាងថា មិនបាន​ចូលក្នុង​ព្រះបរមរាជវាំង ដើម្បី​ចូលរួម​ក្នុង​ព្រះ​រាជពិធី​បង្សុកូល​រម្លឹក​ព្រះ​វិញ្ញាណក្ខន្ធ ថ្វាយ​សម្តេចព្រះ នរោត្តម សីហនុ ទេ។ លោក​ថា ព្រះបរមរាជវាំង មិន​បាន​ឆ្លើយតប​នឹង​លិខិត​របស់​គណបក្ស​សង្គ្រោះ​ជាតិ ដែល​ទូល​សុំ ចូលរួម​ព្រះរាជ​ពិធីបុណ្យ នៅក្នុង​ព្រះបរមរាជវាំង នា​ព្រឹក​ថ្ងៃទី១៥តុលា​នេះ


នៅ​ក្នុង​សេចក្តី​ថ្លែងការណ៍​មួយ​ចុះ​ថ្ងៃ​ទី ១៤​តុលា និង​ដែល​ត្រូវ​បាន​ចែក​ផ្សាយ​នៅ​ថ្ងៃទី១៥​តុលា​នេះ គណបក្ស​កាន់​អំណាច​បាន​បញ្ជាក់​អះអាង​ថា ខ្លួន​នឹង​ធ្វើ​កំណែ​ទម្រង់​ការបោះឆ្នោត​មួយ​ចំនួន​ដើម្បី​ឲ្យ​ស្រប​តាម​គោលការណ៍​ប្រជាធិបតេយ្យ និង​នីតិរដ្ឋ។

15 Oct 2013

Manifestation place du Trocadéro


Appel à la manifestation 20/10/2013 en khmer

Appel à la manifestation 20/10/2013 en français


15 Oct 2013

#bitcoin : la monnaie virtuelle : keeping an eye on !

Le bitcoin, la monnaie virtuelle qui inquiète les marchés financiers

“Que se passe-t-il quand la démocratie n’est plus une affaire de groupe mais d’individus et que chacun a littéralement le pouvoir de payer ou d’être payé sans que personne ne le sache ? Qu’advient-il de l’Etat qui ne survit que grâce à l’impôt ? Bien malin qui le dira, mais je pense que ça ferait des dégâts.”


Capture d'écran du logiciel Bitcoin

Générer des bitcoins

Visualiser le nombre de blocs bitcoin

14 Oct 2013

Infos du Jour


LE MONDE : Dette américaine : les cinq conséquences d’un défaut de paiement : ça ferait sauter la planète?

  1. Un répit de deux semaines pour le Trésor
  2. Une prime de risque plus élevée pour les emprunts américains
  3. Un chaos sur les marchés et un coup de frein à l’économie mondiale
  4. Une dégradation possible de la note américaine
  5. Un dollar qui perdrait son statut

14 Oct 2013

Infos du Jour

THE DIPLOMAT : Article à lire absolument

Reforming the Cambodian People Party

The recent elections should be a wakeup call for a party that has grown complacent over the years.

“As the process of economic development continues, the middle class will expand over time. The country needs educated and skilled people to grow its economy, but with greater levels of education comes demand for government accountability and transparency. Whether the CPP likes it or not, these forces are already unstoppable, in that the cost of reversing them would be catastrophic. Further, the CPP’s leadership cannot continue to stay in power simply by cracking skulls. ”

“They just don’t see the benefits of the so-called double-digit economic growth trickling down to them; what they see instead is growing inequality. Worse, the CPP seems to have lost touch on this issue: its leaders frustratingly argue that they have achieved much during their time in government, contrary to the evidence in front of many voters.”

“The main culprits are corruption and nepotism, which have demoralized activists at village and district levels. Since the decision to appoint party members to government posts takes into account their involvement in strengthening the constituencies assigned to them by the party leadership, many senior party members rush to put family and friends on the list of party activists. These lucky people then make brief appearances in their constituencies, but leave the hard work to local activists, whose discontent grows by the day.”

The CPP’s leaders must fix this problem now. They cannot allow senior party members to recklessly pursue personal gain at the expense of the party. More importantly, the CPP should provide adequate incentive for hardworking party activists. Moreover, it must urgently address the problem of nepotism, which has destroyed the party’s moral foundation.

As Deputy Prime Minister Sar Kheng argues, changes must go beyond new names.

The time to act is now.


កម្ពុជា​​៖​ គ្មាន​​សេចក្តី​ប្រ​កាស​​អំពី​កា​រ​​ពន្យា​រ​​ពេល​ប្រកាស​សាល​ក្រម​ឡើង : Preah Vihear

លោក កុយ គួ​ង ​​អ្នក​នាំ​​ពាក្យ​​​​របស់​ក្រ​សួ​ង​ការ​​បរ​​ទេស ​បា​ន​លើក​ឡើង​កាលពី​ម្សិល​មិញ​​ថា ​ប្រទេស​កម្ពុ​ជា​​មិន​​​ទាន់​​ត្រូ​វ​បា​ន​​​​ជូ​ន​ដំ​​ណឹង​​​អំ​​ពីផែន​ ការ​​​របស់​​តុ​លាការ​​​យុត្តិ​ធម៌​​អន្តរ​​ជាតិ​ ស​ម្រា​ប់​ប្រកា​ស​​​សេចក្តី​សម្រេច​នេះ​​ក្នុង​ខែ​តុ​លា​ ​ឬ​​​ក៏​ផែ​ន​កា​រ​​​​ពន្យា​រពេល​ប្រកាសសេចក្តី​​​សម្រេច​នោះ​ទេ​។
លោក ​បា​ន​​​មានប្រសាសន៍​ថា “មក​​ទល់​​ពេ​ល​​នេះ កម្ពុជា​​​មិន​​ទា​ន់​បា​ន​​ទទួល​​​ព័ត៌​មា​ន​ផ្លូវ​កា​រ​​​ណា​មួយ​​ពីតុ​ លាការ​​អន្តរ​ជាតិ​​ទេ​”។ ​លោក​លើក​ឡើង​​បន្ថែម​​ថា ​លោក​មិន​ដឹង​ថា​​​ពេ​ល​​ណា​​តុ​លា​កា​រ​​យុត្តិ​​​ធម៌​អន្តរ​​ជា​តិ​ នឹ​ង​ស​ម្រេ​ច​រឿ​ង​ក្តី​នេះ​ទេ​។

បារាំង​​​និង​​​អូស្ត្រាលី​​​អបអរ​​​សាទរ​​​លោកនាយក​​​រដ្ឋមន្ត្រី​​​ ហ៊ុន សែន

“ស្ថាន​​​ទូត​​​អូស្ត្រាលី​​​សង្ឃឹម​​​ថា កិច្ច​​​ចរចា​​​នឹង​​​នៅ​​​តែ​​​បន្ត​​​រវាង​​​គណបក្ស​​​ទាំង​​​ពីរ​​​ រួមទាំង​​​កិច្ច​​​ពិភាក្សា​​​អំពី​​​ការ​​​ស៊ើប​​​អង្កេត​​​ប្រកប​​​ដោយ​​​តម្លាភាព​​​លើ​​​ភាព​​​មិន​​​ប្រក្រតី​​​ក្នុង​​​ការ​​​បោះ​​​ឆ្នោត​​​ផង​​​ដែរ​​​ ហើយ​​​សង្ឃឹម​​​ថា វា​​​នឹង​​​ទុក​​​ឲ្យ​​​បើក​​​សម្រាប់​​​គណបក្ស​​​សង្គ្រោះ​​​ជាតិ​​​ទទួល​​​យក​​​អាសនៈ​​​​​​នៅ​​​ក្នុង​​​រដ្ឋសភា​​​”

គណ​បក្ស​ប្រជា​ជន​៖ ការ​ចរចា​​​​ជាប់​​​គាំង​​​ដោយ​សារ​ការ​ខ្វែង​គំនិត​គ្នា​នៅ​​​ក្នុង​​​បក្ស​ប្រឆាំ


Sar Kheng alleges split within CNRP

Key donors endorse election

Australian ambassador Alison Burrows yesterday said that Australia had already called for a “transparent investigation of reported electoral irregularities” .

“The Australian Embassy hopes that dialogue will continue between the two parties, and that the door will be left open for [the] CNRP to take up seats in the National Assembly,” she said.

CAMBODIAN VOTER VOICE : Communiqué de Khiev Sopheak (porte-parole de Sar Khéng)

ខុទ្ទកាល័យលោក​ ស ខេង ចេ​ញសេចក្តី​ប្រកាស​ព័ត៌មាន​ពីការ​លើក​ឡើងខុ​សគ្នារបស់មន្រ្តី​គណបក្ស​សង្គ្រោះ​ជាតិ​ 

ស្នាម​មេដៃ៣​លាននាក់​ អាច​នឹង​មាន​ឥទ្ធិពល​ក្នុង​ការ​ចរចា​រ​

បើតំណាងរាស្រ្ត​គណបក្ស​សង្រ្គោះ​ជាតិនៅ​តែមិន​ចូល​សភា ​សម្តេច ហេង​ សំរិន​គ្រោង​នឹងធ្វើ​លិខិត​ឲ្យពិនិត្យមើលតាម​ផ្លូវច្បាប់​

លោក​ជាម​ យៀប៖​ ករណីពីរ​យ៉ាង​បើគណបក្ស​សង្រ្គោះ​ជាតិនៅ​តែមិន​ចូលសភា​


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14 Oct 2013

Infos du Jour

RFA : 

  1. មន្ត្រី​បក្ស​ប្រជាជន​ថា​មេដឹកនាំ​បក្ស​ប្រឆាំង​មាន​ជំហរ​មិន​ស្រប​គ្នា

RFI : 

  1. គណ​បក្ស​សង្គ្រោះ​ជាតិ​នៅ​តែ​ទាម​ទារ​ឲ្យ​មាន​តុល្យ​ភាព​អំណាច​នៅ​ក្នុង​សភា​
  2. ទិវា​គ្រូ​បង្រៀន​បាន​ក្លាយ​ជា​អំពើ​ហិង្សា​

ARTE : L’Image Manquante

The Missing Picture “L’image Manquante” : Cambodia’s Unseen Horrors

Marianne : L’éventail de POL POT

The Diplomat : Improving Democratic Governance in Asia

13 Oct 2013

Infos du Jour


LA FRANCE ET L’AUSTRALIE ont congratulé Hun Sen

THE DIPLOMAT : CHINA’s Foreign Policy debates

Xi has given a lot of attention to foreign policy, and allocates a substantial portion of his time to diplomacy. So what will Xi Jinping’s diplomacy be – and how will it differ from his predecessor, former President Hu Jintao?
One of the major debates is over whether China should continue Deng Xiaoping’s policy oftaoguangyanghui, commonly translated as “hiding your strength and waiting for your time.” Xiong Guangkai, the former Director of PLA’s General Staff Intelligence Department, also suggests that a more accurate translation of the phrase should be “not to show off one’s capability but to keep a low profile.”

INDIA Rebukes Beijing on South China sea
India has periodically inserted itself into the South China Sea dispute in the past on the side of ASEAN countries, much to China’s displeasure. Notably, after Chinese fishing vessels sought to disrupt India’s joint oil and gas exploration with Vietnam in disputed parts of the South China Sea last year, Indian Navy Chief Admiral D.K Joshi said that Delhi was prepared to send naval ships into the South China Sea to protect the country’s interests.

LE MONDE :  Alerte rouge en Inde avant l’arrivée d’un puissant cyclone : Phailin

THE ECONOMIST : General Giap “a volcano under snow”

General Giap recalled the words of his hero Bonaparte, whose battle plans he was sketching out with chalk when he was still at the Lycée in Hue: “If a goat can get through, so can a man; if a man can get through, so can a battalion.”
The key to all his victories, as Mao advised, was his people’s army…
Both Dien Bien Phu and the multi-target Tet offensive of 1968 (which he still masterminded, though he was in eastern Europe at the time) were meant to inflict massive demoralisation on the enemy, and to turn the French and American people against the war itself
After Ho’s death in 1969 he lost influence, and envious colleagues pushed him aside. Some said he was an indifferent communist; he disliked the hardline clique that ran the country, and in old age publicly attacked the party for corruption and bauxite-mining.


CPP Spokesman CHEAM YEAP Denies Wanting Rainsy to Die in Plane Crash

King Father Statue Unveiled; CNRP Misses Ceremony

LONG BEACH POST : Sex and the Single Monk

12 Oct 2013

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11 Oct 2013

Infos du Jour

Radio Free Asia :

CHEAM YEAP : He lambasted Sam Rainsy for calling for foreign intervention in Cambodia’s domestic affairs.

At one point, the angry Cheam Yeap said he hoped misfortune would befall the opposition politician.

“When Sam Rainsy touches Cambodian soil, he provokes chaos,” he said. “I hope his plane crashes and he dies.”


Cambodia: Levi Strauss quits garment factory amid on-going strike

Phnom Penh Post :

Premier seeks KRT aid from US :
Prime Minister Hun Sen made a direct request to US Secretary of State John Kerry for increased funding to the cash-strapped court.

The rice has not been cooked : Theary Seng

CPP fills seats with … CPP

Ruling party lawmakers yesterday unanimously voted to fill each of the National Assembly’s nine commissions with their own members

Among the five Cambodian People’s Party members voted onto each committee are three former provincial governors, two former ministers, and Hun Many and Sar Sokha – the sons of Prime Minister Hun Sen and Interior Minister Sar Kheng, respectively.

HENG SAMRIN : “We must have political reconciliation,”

Scuffles at land rights protest :

“If the government supports development, it should go about it in a way that does not harm its citizens,”

Bail granted to ‘protesters’ arrested at overpass

welcome to Cambodia’s Twittersphere

Cambodia Daily :



កម្ពុជា​និង​វៀតណាមរិះគន់​ប្រទេស​ឡាវ​ចំពោះ​ការ​សាងសង់ទំនប់វារីអគ្គិសនី​ ដន សាហុង

បណ្តាញ​សហគមន៍ព្រៃឡង់​ទទួលបាន​រង្វាន់​ផ្នែក​បរិស្ថាន​​​ពី​​​មូល​​​និធិ Alexander Soros


Interview de Rithy Panh par Olivier Père


ICJ postpones Preah Vihear ruling

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) has postponed delivering its ruling on the border dispute between Thailand and Cambodia in connection with the boundaries set in the World Court’s judgement on the ancient Preah Vihear temple in 1962 awarding it to Cambodia, Foreign Minister Surapong Tovichakchaikul said on Friday.

Mr Surapong said he was informed that the ruling would now probably be given in February next year, because the ICJ judges are occupied with other cases at this time.

11 Oct 2013

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10 Oct 2013

Radio en différé

10 Oct 2013