#Cambodge : HUN Sen montre ses muscles : Il vient d’importer ~10000 tonnes d’armes et de munitions

HUN Sen veut absolument faire la guerre !

Avec l’aide de la Chine !

Contre qui ? Contre quel pays ?

Apparemment il a beaucoup d’ennemis !

Paul Chambers, a lecturer at Naresuan University in Thailand, said Hun Sen’s bravado was unsurprising as he seeks to build a “militarised sense . . . of ultra-nationalism” in the run-up to the national elections.

“Such a policy is simply going to increase Cambodia’s isolation and dependence upon China while Hun Sen increasingly rules with an iron hand,” Chambers said in an email.

Thousands of tonnes’ of weapons imported: PM

A new military vehicle is taken through its paces during the first Chinese-Cambodian Golden Dragon military exercises in 2016. Hun Sen yesterday announced a new shipment of military material to coincide with this year’s exercises.

What Does Hun Sen’s New Cambodia Military Aid Boast Really Mean?

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