#cambodia Political Deadlock : a “Package”, acceptable by All ?

Political deadlock : a Package acceptable by All ?


It will soon be 5 months that Cambodia has been living in the situation of political deadlock, following the July 28, 21013 election. This situation, if it lasts longer, is detrimental to the stability and the security of the country.


Several negotiation meetings between the CNRP and the CPP took place since September 15, 2013. They have led to no tangible results.


The PPC, through its Negotiation Leader Prum Sokha, reiterated the invitation to the CNRP to resume the talk, without precisely indicating the negotiation scope and agenda.


The CNRP, through its Spokesman Nhem Panharith, continues to maintain its 3 positions, namely :

1 – Revealing the truth behind the July 28, 2013 Election,

2 – Resignation of the National Election Committee Board Members,

3 – Undertaking the Complete reform of the Election Processes and Laws.


In light of what has happened during the last negotiation meeting, it has to be noted that :

1 – The negotiation scope should not only be Technical. It must rather be Political.

2 – To lead to a political compromise, the negotiation must be carried out at Top-Level, summit meeting between CNRP and CPP. Otherwise, the negotiation will only be unproductive and a waste of time.


Within this context, another Actor, nonetheless important, is the People of Cambodia. The Political negotiation must take into account the will of the People. In all cases, in this conflict, the People of Cambodia will have the last word to say.


Schematically, what could be the scenario of a political compromise, overcoming the actual political crisis, acceptable by all 3 actors, the CNRP, the CPP and the People?


The Package: new Election in 9 months


Nine months period is needed to allow the country to prepare the necessary reforms of the Election processes and laws, such that the future election will be held in better conditions.

Prerequisites :


1 – Dissolution of the actual Government.

  • By doing so, the actual Government opens the door for the comprehensive national reconciliation and dialog, leading to the necessary real reforms for the country.


2 – Formation of a New Transitional Government

  • Whose members are from PPC and CNRP and

  • Whose principal mission is to prepare and organize the General Election in 9 months and to run the day-to-day affairs of the Country until a new Parliament is formed.


3 – Creation of Special Commissions at the National Assembly :

  • Whose members are from CPP and CNRP on a 50/50 basis
  • To prepare the reforms of the Election laws and the financing of Political Parties

  • To vote the laws related to :

  1. The formation of the new National Election Committee, with its new Board Members,
  2. The appointment of the Constitutional Council new members.


4 – Media access redistribution: Radio, Television

  • In order to ensure the fair access to the Media by all Political Parties.


5 – Freeze the allocation of concessions of Natural Resources such as : Land, Forest, Mine, Fishery, Mobile Network Radio Frequency.


6 – The Prime Minister of the Transitional Government will submit, in 9 months, to the KING, with the endorsement of the National Assembly Chairman and of the Senate Chairman, the dissolution of the National Assembly. The KING will call the People to elect the Parliament Members for the 6th Legislature.


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