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#cambodge : Attaques de HUN Sen contre les Etats-Unis : La réaction de l’Ambassadeur Heidt

We join the European Union in calling for Mr. Kem Sokha’s immediate release. The normal functioning of Cambodia’s media market should be restored. Pressure on civil society should cease. And, perhaps most importantly, the government, opposition, and civil society should begin a dialogue about the future of Cambodia’s democracy in an open, respectful, and pressure-free environment.

The U.S. ambassador to Cambodia rejected government accusations of interference by the United States as “inaccurate, misleading and baseless”

“All of the accusations you have heard in recent weeks about the United States – every one of them – are false.”

Heidt called for the release of Kem Sokha, the end to pressure on civil society and for dialogue between the government and opposition to “salvage” elections and restore the bilateral relationship between the countries.

Opening Statement by Ambassador William A. Heidt at a Press Availability

US ambassador rejects allegations of plotting in Cambodia (Financial Times)

U.S. rejects Cambodian accusations, calls for opposition leader’s release (Reuters)

12 Sep 2017

#cambodge : Arrestation de KEM Sokha : échos de la presse

Former Cambodian opposition leader calls for sanctions against country’s leaders

Return to frontpageCambodian slide: on the Hun Sen regime 

As Cambodia crackdown gathers steam, opposition wonders, ‘Who’s next?’

Le premier ministre Hun Sen, lors d’une visite d’entreprise, à Phnom Penh le 30 août.

Cambodge : le pouvoir veut faire place nette avant les élections de 2018

Cambodge : accusé de trahison, le chef de l’opposition emprisonné

Le chef de l’opposition Kem Sokha le 28 mai 2017 durant une interview au Cambodge.

Sokha arrested for ‘treason’, is accused of colluding with US to topple the government


11 Sep 2017

A quoi pourrait bien ressembler la guerre entre les #Etats-Unis et la #Corée-du-Nord ?

What War Between North Korea and the U.S. Might Look Like

Photo published for What War Between North Korea and the U.S. Might Look Like

Donald Trump warns North Korea over missile defiance

US considering ‘all options’ after regime fires weapon over Japan


30 Aug 2017

#merdechinedusud : Bras de fer entre les #Etats-Unis et la #Chine

Un incident entre deux avions chinois et un américain en mer de Chine

In first under Trump, US warship challenges Beijing’s claims in South China Sea

porte avion

U.S. Navy Conducts First South China Sea Navigation Operation Under President Trump


US warship tests Beijing claims in South China Sea


Un navire américain dans les eaux revendiquées par la Chine


25 May 2017

#thaïlande : Mort du Roi Bhumibol à 88 ans

Le Prince Vajiralongkorn devient Roi de Thaïlande ?

BREAKING: Thai National Assembly ends extraordinary meeting without inviting successor to late King Bhumibol to ascend throne



Un vide politique difficile à combler


La Thaïlande dans l’inconnu après la mort du roi Bhumipol


King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand Dies at 88; Reigned 70 Years

Thai King Bhumibol’s Health Unstable, Raising Succession Questions



With King in Declining Health, Future of Monarchy in Thailand Is Uncertain

15 Oct 2016

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