#EU Prepares to Withdraw #Cambodia From Trade Scheme

L’EU prépare le retrait

de la clause préférentielle EBA

pour le Cambodge !

Et le Cambodge est prêt à accepter de payer les taxes induites par ce retrait : 

“We are ready for the tax increase,”Phay Siphan, government spokesman.


George Edgar, EU ambassador, said in an email on Tuesday that starting the procedure for removing Cambodia from the Everything But Arms (EBA) scheme reflected the concerns in Brussels over the deterioration of human rights and basic freedoms.

“The formal withdrawal procedure for the Everything But Arms arrangement in relation to Cambodia has not yet launched. Preparations are being made for the formal decision by the European Commission that would launch the procedure,” he wrote in an email.

EU Prepares to Withdraw Cambodia From Trade Scheme

FILE: Prime Minister Hun Sen, center, leans over a garment worker during a visit to a factory outside of Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Aug. 30, 2017.

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