#cambodia : HUN SEN, via son TRIBUNAL, déterminé à créer le climat de TENSION SOCIAL et POLITIQUE,

Why is South Korea involved in this DIRTY BUSINESS?

Pourquoi la Corée du Sud est-elle impliquée dans cette SALE AFFAIRE?

Martial art to be used in policing protesters

Phnom Penh’s military police plan to use a taekwondo-training scheme initiated by the South Korean Embassy to learn how to crack down on protests using jump kicks rather than batons and bullets.

On December 23, Tito said, Choi Yong Sok, a taekwondo coach, and representatives of the Korean Embassy donated mats, robes, belts and other training equipment to the unit.

Military personnel attend a handover ceremony in Phnom Penh

Cambodia court upholds convictions for land rights activists

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B Kak protest convictions upheld on appeal

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Appeal Court Upholds Activists’ Convictions

The Appeal Court on Monday morning upheld last year’s protest-related convictions against 11 activists, but knocked a few months off the one-year prison sentences of all but the most high-profile members of the group.

A woman from Phnom Penh's Boeng Kak neighborhood is pushed into a van after the Appeal Court upheld her conviction and those against 10 other activists on Monday. (Siv Channa/The Cambodia Daily)


Residents of the Dey Krahorm community clash with police on the morning of January 24, 2009, the day of their violent eviction. (Nicolas Axelrod)

26 Jan 2015

#cambodia : A story of a long fight against forced evictions

Jailed at 75: Veteran campaigner leads Cambodia eviction battle


Phnom Penh (AFP) – Street vendor-turned-rights activist Nget Khun, known locally as “Mommy”, is a leading figure in Cambodians’ fight against forced evictions. And at 75, she’s just been jailed for a year.

Jailed at 75: Veteran campaigner leads Cambodia eviction battle

24 Nov 2014