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#cambodia #cambodge news of the day : Yorm Bopha, Corruption, music


Civil servants’ bosses told to halt skimming

The Magic Music Bus: carpeting Cambodia with music, not bombs

Both inside and outside the vehicle, the Khmer Magic Music Bus musicians spend the journey singing, laughing and clapping.

‘Gift’ definition not universal

Answers demanded on dam site

Local residents swim in the reservoir where the controversial Lower Sesan II Dam is planned in Stung Treng province

Yorm Bopha to be freed on bail

Boeung Kak lake land rights activist Yorm Bopha leaves the Supreme Court on Friday after judges sent her case back to the Appeal Court.

Customs’ taxing dilemma



Anti-Eviction Activist Yorm Bopha Freed on Bail


22 Nov 2013

#cambodge #cambodia #culture : ជនជាតិ​បារាំង​ផលិត​ឧបករណ៍​ភ្លេង​បុរាណ​ខ្មែរ​


ពិព័រណ៍​ឧបករណ៍​បុរាណ ដែល​ជនជាតិ​បារាំង​បាន​ស្រាវជ្រាវ​រកឃើញ​នៅកម្ពុជា​សម័យ​បុរាណ

09 Nov 2013

#cambodia wedding #music

បទ ហោមរោង : ១ ថត ។ របៀបបូរាណ

Hom Raung : 1 Movment : more traditional


Another version of  Hoam Raung : shorter


បទ កន្សែងក្រហម : ២ថត

Kansèng Krorhorm : 2 Movments 


Another version of Kansèng Krorhorm


Another version of Kansèng Krorhorm : Solo Khim instrument


បទ កាត់ត្រើយ : ៣ ថត

Kat Treuy : 3 Movments


បទ សំពោង : ៣ ថត

Sampaung : 3 movments


បទ សារាយអណ្ដែត : ៣ ថត

Saray Andet : 3 movments


បទ ម្លប់ដូង : ២ ថត

Mlup Daung



08 Oct 2013

#cambodge #cambodia musique #mohori 2


បទ បួនភាសា : ១ ថត, ចង្វាក់១ ជាន់ Bourn Pheasa : 1 movment, rythm of type 1 

បទ ខ្មែរ ដំបាញ : ១ ថត, ចង្វាក់១ ជាន់ Khmer Dambagn : 1 movment, rythm of type 1 

បទ ខ្មែរ ដំបាញ : ២ ថត, ចង្វាក់៣ ជាន់ Khmer Dambagn : 2 movments, rythm of type 3

08 Oct 2013