Après la #Suède, l’ #UE va imposer des sanctions concrètes à l’encontre du gouvernement de HUN Sen

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Parmi les mesures de sanctions envisagées, la suspension de l’accès préférentiel au Marché de l’UE. Le Cambodge exporte 5 milliards à l’Union Européenne en 2016.

Europeans Talk Tough to Cambodia

The vice-chair of the European Union Subcommittee on Human Rights says her union needs to react “very soon” with concrete actions in response to what she characterized as the Cambodian government’s moves to dissolve the country’s main opposition party.

Targeted sanctions or even suspension of preferential access to Cambodia’s biggest export market are among the options the union must consider now, Lochbihler told VOA.


“In Cambodia they could say ‘yes, well we have the support of the Chinese government, why do we care about the EU?’” she said.

“But then if you look clearly, you can see that the EU is the biggest export market for Cambodia. So I think they take this into consideration, and also personally I think if the European Union would go a step further and put specific, targeted sanctions against individuals in the government, governments and representatives of governments are sensitive to this.”


Cambodia exported more than $5 billion worth of products in 2016 to the European Union, which gives the country preferential access to its markets under the Everything But Arms program.


European Union parliamentarian Barbara Lochbihler says the EU needs to react swiftly to Cambodia's attempts to dissolve the country's main opposition party. Lochbihler speaks during a news conference in Berlin, May 23, 2006.