#USA : R. Tillerson au Department of State, mais pour combien de temps ?

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A votre avis qui dirige réellement la diplomatie américaine ?

Bannon ou Tillerson ?


La confusion actuelle résulte d’une stratégie bien réfléchie : 


Les russes et les chinois perdent le nord ! 


A must read article !

Rex Tillerson Might Be the Weakest Secretary of State Ever

The secretary of state draws his or her power less from the U.S. Constitution or the laws than from five sources: backing from the president, advice and support from his or her department’s career officials, admiration from and alliances with other leaders in the government, praise from the press and public, and positive evaluations of his or her competence and power by foreign diplomats.


These dynamics have worked against Tillerson until now. And though he still has some time to reverse them, he does not have much.


Tillerson’s position here is very weak. President Donald Trump has shown his lack of faith in him by vetoing his choice for the No. 2 position in his department, Elliott Abrams. Tillerson has also been absent for most of Trump’s meetings with visiting leaders.


Rex Tillerson Might Be the Weakest Secretary of State Ever

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Tillerson Leads From State Dept. Shadows as White House Steps In



Diplomats in state of confusion over US transition

“Half of the top management of the State Department has gone.” …

“the system doesn’t work. The President is in the White House, but the rest of the system doesn’t work.” …

“We’re still at a point where 98% of the government, in terms of Trump appointees, are still not in their jobs,” …

the lack of organization is “making the United States look erratic, uncertain, less reliable, and it’s devaluing our political currency, our leadership currency.” …

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La diplomatie sous Trump: le département d’Etat aux abonnés absents

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