#cambodge : La loi c’est HUN Sen : sa nouvelle loi pour dissoudre les Partis Politiques sera adoptée le 20/02

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La LOI c’est HUN Sen = HUN Sen c’est la LOI !

La nouvelle loi pour dissoudre les Partis Politiques

sera promulguée par HUN SEN le 20/02 !


By suspending or abolishing a whole party over one person’s actions, “you abolish the will of the people, who elected the party to represent them,” he said. “I think it is unconstitutional.”

“This is a really politically motivated law to oppress the opposition; it’s really clear,”


Law to Dissolve Political Parties Fast-Tracked

The “serious mistakes” that could get a party dissolved would include any acts that “cause secession,” “lead to destruction of national unity,” “affect the security of the state” or “subvert liberal multi-party democracy.” Once dissolved, the court can then bar its leaders from political activity for up to five years.

Even before reaching the court, the Interior Ministry would be able to “temporarily suspend” any party it deems to have violated the Constitution or any other law for an unspecified “limited period.”

Anyone convicted of a misdemeanor or felony and sentenced to a non-suspended prison term would not be allowed to serve as president or vice president or sit on a steering committee, permanent committee or any other equivalent party body.