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៦ មីនា ២០១៤ / 6 March 2014 9:30

I would like to clarify CNRP’s position with regard to our joining the National Assembly and the holding of a new election. These are two separate problems: we will not join the Assembly until there is an agreement on the holding of a new election.
The new election issue itself is divided into two distinct points: the date when the new poll takes place, and the election reform to ensure transparency, freedom and fairness for any future poll.
– Fixing the date of the upcoming election is a political issue which has not even been tackled yet.
– Election reform is a more technical issue which we have started to discuss because, whatever the date chosen for any election in the future, this problem has to be addressed beforehand.
ខ្ញំុ សូមបញ្ជាក់អំពីជំហរ របស់គណបក្សសង្រ្គោះជាតិ ទាក់ទងទៅនឹងការចូលប្រជំុសភា និងការ រៀបចំការបោះឆ្នោតឡើងវិញ។

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