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#southchinasea #merdechinedusud : La #Chine en train de changer de position ?

La Chine a t-elle peur d’un conflit militaire avec les Etats-Unis ?

La Chine serait encline à assouplir sa position en acceptant de négocier avec les pays de l’Asean sur la base d’un nouveau “code of conduct”. La Chine jusqu’à aujourd’hui a toujours privilégié la “discussion bilatérale” avec les pays avec lesquels elle est en conflit en Mer de Chine du Sud.  


Southeast Asia, China Move Toward Elusive Deal to Avoid Conflicts in Contested Sea

South China Sea Territorial Claims

China military says aware of U.S. carrier in South China Sea

Defence ministry spokesman Ren Guoqiang said China had a “grasp” of the situation regarding the carrier group in the South China Sea.

“China hopes the U.S. earnestly respects the sovereignty and security concerns of countries in the region, and earnestly respects the efforts of countries in the region to maintain peace and stability in the South China Sea,” Ren told a regular monthly news briefing.

“Of course, we also respect freedom of navigation and overflight for all countries in the South China Sea in accordance with international law,” he added.


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