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#cambodge : Attaques de HUN Sen contre les Etats-Unis : La réaction de l’Ambassadeur Heidt

We join the European Union in calling for Mr. Kem Sokha’s immediate release. The normal functioning of Cambodia’s media market should be restored. Pressure on civil society should cease. And, perhaps most importantly, the government, opposition, and civil society should begin a dialogue about the future of Cambodia’s democracy in an open, respectful, and pressure-free environment.

The U.S. ambassador to Cambodia rejected government accusations of interference by the United States as “inaccurate, misleading and baseless”

“All of the accusations you have heard in recent weeks about the United States – every one of them – are false.”

Heidt called for the release of Kem Sokha, the end to pressure on civil society and for dialogue between the government and opposition to “salvage” elections and restore the bilateral relationship between the countries.

Opening Statement by Ambassador William A. Heidt at a Press Availability

US ambassador rejects allegations of plotting in Cambodia (Financial Times)

U.S. rejects Cambodian accusations, calls for opposition leader’s release (Reuters)

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