#cambodia : Activists Frustration : CNRP too Soft ! “realistic and practical approach”

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CNRP treads too softly: NGOs

Rainsy yesterday argued that his party was using the “strong leverage” it gained in 2013 to push the CPP to make fundamental reforms in a number of areas using what he called a “realistic and practical approach”.

“Behind these soft and diplomatic words, you can imagine the tough measures that will have to be taken given the powerful entrenched interests traditionally opposed to any reforms,” he said in an email, adding he believed that strong pressure was coming from within the CPP.

The CNRP leader admitted that his party had realised a strongly adversarial approach in opposition wouldn’t be very effective. ‘Under the present circumstances,as long as we are true to ourselves, this ‘current approach’ is the only viable and effective option for a responsible party fighting for a democratic and peaceful change,’ he said.

Opposition leaders Kem Sokha and Sam Rainsy