#cambodia : WIRE-TAPPING : your calls, SMS, messages & emails intercepted by HUN Sen

#cambodge : Ecoutes téléphoniques et interceptions de messages par les services de HUN Sen

Our Recommendations : 

1 – Don’t use the call and SMS services provided by the Mobile Operators present in Cambodia. They all work for HUN Sen.

2 – Protect your Emails, your messages and your VoIP Calls.

Apps such as WhatsApp or Signal encrypts VoIP Calls and messages. Other applications exist as well. They can be used to protect your privacy. 

3 – Don’t use Skype.

(Skype voice conversations are converted into text in real-time, scanned for contents of interest and stored in CIA spy cloud)

4 – Don’t use Telegram

(HUN Sen can confiscate your phone, Russia stays behind Telegram)

5 – To protect your identity and secure your messages

we recommend Conversations and Lotus Messenger

4 – Try our solution (It’s FREE)

1 – Your Audio, Video calls and messages are protected

2 – Additional features :

Audio and Video conferencing

Calls to fixed and mobile networks.


wiretapping 3


wiretapping 2