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#Cambodge #CrisePolitique : L’Australie réaffirme sa position en faveur de la Démocratie au Cambodge

La dissolution du Parti d’Opposition serait une régression significative de la Démocratie et saperait les élections nationales libres, équitables et transparentes prévues en 2018.

L’Australie demande au Cambodge de créer un environnement favorable et sûr aux cambodgiens afin qu’ils puissent pratiquer leurs droits de liberté d’expression, de rassemblement et d’association.

L’image contient peut-être : texte

L’image contient peut-être : texte

12 Oct 2017

L’ #INTERNET est-il en train de tuer la #Démocratie ? Défendons la !

L’INTERNET est-il en train de tuer la démocratie ?

La #démocratie bien fragile, défendons la : Soyons vigilants et actifs !


The great British Brexit robbery: how our democracy was hijacked

Un article à lire absolument : il décortique comment les Méga-compagnies, Google, Facebook et autres et les Milliardaires de l’Internet,  sont impliquées en réseau dans la manipulation des élections en leur faveur, pour contrôler le Monde, et la diffusion de fausses informations : mais pour quoi faire ?

Psychological warfare? “Totally.

That’s what it is. Psyops. Psychological operations – the same methods the military use to effect mass sentiment change. It’s what they mean by winning ‘hearts and minds’. We were just doing it to win elections in the kind of developing countries that don’t have many rules.


There are three strands to this story. How the foundations of an authoritarian surveillance state are being laid in the US. How British democracy was subverted through a covert, far-reaching plan of coordination enabled by a US billionaire. And how we are in the midst of a massive land grab for power by billionaires via our data. Data which is being silently amassed, harvested and stored. Whoever owns this data owns the future.


We are in an information war and billionaires are buying up these companies, which are then employed to go to work in the heart of government. That’s a very worrying situation.


“The law/regulatory agencies are such a joke the reality is that anybody who wanted to cheat the law could do it easily without people realising.”

Infographic on how the Brexit campaigns were linked

Piratage électoral: Londres et Berlin en état d’alerte

07 May 2017




Attacks on Lawmakers and the Threat to Cambodia’s Institutions

In February 2017, Cambodia’s Parliament approved a set of new amendments to the Law on Political Parties, which grant unprecedented powers to the executive and judicial branches to suspend and dissolve parties. The move marked a culmination of nearly two years of escalating persecution of Cambodian lawmakers. These attacks have come in the context of a renewed, broader crackdown on dissent, which has targeted nearly all segments of Cambodian civic life, as well as similar growing threats to other legislators across Southeast Asia.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the ruling party’s efforts to cripple the opposition, in advance of critical commune-level and national elections in 2017 and 2018 respectively, are undermining the fundamental functions and institutions of democratic governance. Addressing persecution and threats against lawmakers, including through revision and clarification of relevant statutes and efforts to ensure all actors adhere to the law, must therefore be a priority for all parties interested in stability, prosperity, and accountability in Cambodia.

ប្រធាន APHR ថា​ ប្រតិកម្ម​ពី​រដ្ឋាភិបាល​បង្ហាញ​ថា​របាយការណ៍​គឺ​ជា​ការ​ពិត


Asean Report Slams CPP Over Attacks on CNRP


Searing report chides CPP’s crackdown against opposition, activists



19 Mar 2017

#cambodia : The government’s suppression of human rights poses a serious threat to Cambodia’s democratic progress !


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Cambodia Faltering on Road to Democracy, EU Cautions

02 Apr 2016

#cambodge : Ecoutes Téléphoniques : Atteinte à la Vie Privée : LIBERTE FONDAMENTALE BAFOUEE !

Ecoutes Téléphoniques : Qui est derrière cette pratique odieuse ?



Protégez-vous ! N’utilisez plus les services téléphoniques des Opérateurs qui travaillent pour HUN Sen. Utilisez les Services de communications cryptées !


បទយកការណ៍៖ ពលរដ្ឋមួយចំនួន​បារម្ភពីសុវត្ថិភាពក្នុងការនិយាយតាមទូរស័ព្ទ

បទ​វិភាគ៖ សិទ្ធិ​ឯកជន​ត្រូវ​បាន​បំពាន​ដោយ​ការ​លួច​ថត​សំឡេង​និង​ទម្លាយ​ជា​សាធារណៈ

22 Mar 2016

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